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I tried to pay via Credit Card but the Payment failed and did not go through. Here is how to fix it!

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Here is how you can fix the problem with "Payment Failed" via credit cards. Sometimes credit card payments get declined from our payment processor. You then get a "Payment Unsuccessful" from our shop. Our system has then received an error from your credit card company, this means we could not charge your credit card.

We do not block anything from our end, but sometimes credit card companies have security in place to prevent fraud. This sometimes catches normal purchase as well, like ours. Sometimes the credit cards are limited to a certain country like United States or Canada. 

Here is how to fix the Payment Failed Problem and how to pay via Credit Card:

  1. Please call your credit card company and tell them NOT to block a payment to Ingram Publishing in United Kingdom (this is our company who charges the credit card)

  2. After they confirmed, simply go back into your basket and pay again

  3. The payment will go through just fine and you can start downloading right away

Alternatively, you can also pay via PayPal. Just pick PayPal in your basket and proceed to the next steps.

Let me know if this has helped you!

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