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What is the highest resolution size available?
What is the highest resolution size available?

Are your images available in High-Resolution as well or only in low-resolution? They are so cheap... maybe there is a catch?

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The majority of JPEG files at the largest size are around 55MB. However this is not the largest size available, as we also have images that are larger than 55MB. Our minimum image size is 3500 x 2500 pixels or 8.75 mega pixels. Please keep in mind that this is the "extracted" file size of the images. The JPG files are much smaller (around several MB) to keep the download fast.  Nevertheless, if you would re-save these JPG files in i.e. TIFF format you would get these 55MB (roughly). 

Image resolution specifications are available on every image we sell, near the bottom of the page.  If you are logged in to your account they will also be visible up top.  

Some photos in our collection are well over 31 megapixels (5002 x 6272 px) which gives you extra freedom with large-format printing, as well as cropping freedom.  This does not mean that 31 megapixels is the largest you will find in our collection!  You might find some even larger.  Technology is constantly moving forward, and camera sensor sizes are increasing dramatically.  You will find other images that are in the 8.75 to 15 megapixel range.  Our images were captured on many different camera sensors, so this is why you will find the variation in maximum resolution.  Up-sampling or up-scaling is always possible, but we allow that to be done by the end user for maximum quality. 

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