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I already paid but when I click "DOWNLOAD", I get prompted to choose a plan...
I already paid but when I click "DOWNLOAD", I get prompted to choose a plan...

I thought I paid, why can I not download? Download is not working for me!

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So you are logged into our shop and wonder why the download don't work for you? You thought you have paid for a plan or subscription but can still not download? You only get forward to the price page, when clicking the download button? 

Here are 5 Tips which can help you:

  1. Check if you have used all your downloads already. You can do this by following this guide. If your 99club subscription is still active but you have no downloads left, follow this to buy additional downloads for your 99club. WARNING: DO NOT BUY ANOTHER 99CLUB - it will only add 1 more year to your existing subscription!

  2. Check if you have two accounts with us and if you are logged into the correct one. Click on your "Name" and then on "My Orders" to see if you are really in the correct account.

  3. If you want to download Videos in your subscription, check how to buy them additionally for cheap here.

  4. Your subscription is expired or your downloads are all used up, check here what you can do then (if you are on the 99club check this help page)

  5. You are not properly logged in, make sure that your user is logged in properly.

  6. Contact our support to find out if your account has downloads and an active subscription by clicking on the blue "Bubble" on the left bottom corner.

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