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Download an Image with an Extended Licenses - Complete Guide
Download an Image with an Extended Licenses - Complete Guide

Learn how you can download an image with an extended license if you have bought one of our extended license packages

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You have got yourself a extended license package (which you can find here with 50% discount for all subscribers). Now you want to start downloading images particually with an extended license to be used on i.e. T-Shirts, Posters, Mugs and other things to resell (see the comparising list here) but you don't know how it works. 

This guide will help you step-by-step how to download your first image with an extended license, explains the difference between a standard license image and the extended one.

TLTR: Pick any image - on the image detail page you will see the extended license package information - change the license to 1. Ext. License and 2. Click Download!

Step-by-Step Guide to Buy and Download Images with an extended License

1.) Make sure that you buy an extended license image pack here (or if you need more than 25 contact us on the live chat below). If you already have an active subscription with us, you will get 50% discount and both can run at the same time

2.) After purchasing your extended licenses - you will now see an additional information box below the image (on the image detail page). 

In my example below I have a 99club subscription (which has the standard license included) and bought a 5 extended license image pack additionally.

3.) You can use the 99club standard license buy just picking (or keeping) the Low to Super-High Resolution and by pressing the "DOWNLOAD" button.

4.) To download that image with an exended license - simply click the "EXT. LICENSE" option and hit the download button like you can see below:

This will download the chosen image in with an extended license and you can then use it in many extended ways.

FAQ - after you have downloaded the extended License

How do I know which images I have downloaded with an extended license? 

  • Simply contact us via the live chat - we will then send you a screenshot of your extended license downloads. We highly recommend to download and store these images in a separate folder on your computer. This way you know exactly which images you own with an extended license.

Do the extended licenses packages expire?

  • They do only expire when you use them up.

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