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How to use our Visual Image Search Engine
How to use our Visual Image Search Engine

How to guide - how to find better image results by using our reverse image search and similar visual search.

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This guide will help you to use our new AI powered (powered by ximilar) visual search engine with reverse image search function to find the image you need for your project.

1. Search with an exisiting Photo, Graphic or Illustration by Uploading it!

You can upload any existing image from your computer and let our AI powered visual image search find similar looking images.
โ€‹PRO TIP: You can also use preview or comp images from any other stock photo to see if we have the same or similar stock photos! Sometimes stock agencies have overlapses in their database and you might find the exact same image in our database cheaper than from other providers.

Here is how easy it is to find visual similar images with our search:

1. Click on the Camera Icon in the main search or in the search form

2. A small popup will open. Please click into it to choose a file from your computers drive or drag and drop the image you want to search with.
โ€‹Please note that you can upload only JPG or PNG files with a maximum size of 10MB!

3. The system will start working and your uploaded image will be shown in the search results on top. You will see visual similar results below the uploaded image. Please note that the result can vary based on the image you upload.

BONUS: 4. Refine your results by clicking on the icon "search similar images" in the thumbnails. This will give you more visual similar results of the choosen image.

You can repeat these steps with any graphic or image you have available to find visual similar images.ย 

PLEASE NOTE: Our visual search can NOT work together with keywords you have typed in. We solely analyze the image itself. We can not read any EXIF or other data embedded in the image. The results will vary based on the image you upload.

2. Search Similar Visual Images from our Search Results

You can use our visual search within our search results to find more similar looking images. Let me explain how you can do it:

Simply perform any search and pick the image you want visual similar results for.
In this case we really love the image with the woman in the forest and we would like to see visual similar images now.

1. Click on the "Search similar images" icon on the thumbnail you like

2. You now see visual similar images in the search result. On top of the results you can find the reference image you have choosen.

3. Pick any image you like now and download it.
4. If you don't like what you see - click the button "Visual likeness + keywords" to have our search engine use the keywords of the main image in the search as well.
This sometimes gives you more detailed or accurate results if you are looking for very similar images.

You can also check out our video which explains the visual search in details below!

Enjoy our AI visual search now and let us know any question you might have.

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