So you have "downloaded" a photo, opened it up and... it shows some white gridlines in it. What now? Does this mean all the images come with these white lines?

You have NOT downloaded the original image when you have gridlines in it!

The white grid lines in the picture mean, that you have NOT downloaded the original stock photo. You have actually downloaded a comp image (watch a video about comp images here) which is a preview of the original. This is commonly used in graphic design to not waste a download and to see if the image works in the determined place. 

Keep in mind:

  1. Downloaded a comp image with gridlines DO NOT reduce your download counter and you have NOT downloaded the original image nor do you own the license for the usage of this image
  2. Images with gridlines can NOT be used for final designs nor should they. They are only there to see if the image works in the design and should be replaced with the original image
  3. You will need to use the correct download button on the image detail page (see screenshot below) to download the original stock photo
  4. Use the number on the image and put it into our search to find the original image in our database i.e. in this image the number is ING_18944_05060 and it shown on the footer part of the image.

How to download the original stock image without gridlines?

  1. Go to any image detail (i.e. here is the image from the screenshot). If you have an active subscription you will see the big red DOWNLOAD button there. Please use it to download the original
  2. If you DO NOT see the DOWNLOAD button there - your subscription is either expired or frozen or you have ran out of downloads. Contact us for help via the live chat button.

If you have used the correct download button - you will receive a gridless original stockphoto like the following!

Contact us if you have anymore questions!

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