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Download your first Images - Complete Guide & Video
Download your first Images - Complete Guide & Video

In this guide we explain step-by-step how to download your first image, hat a comp image is and how to re-download images for free

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You have got yourself a subscription with us or bought an image pack. Now you want to start downloading images but you don't know how it works. This guide will help you step-by-step how to download your first image, explains the difference between a comp image and the real download and tell you how you can re-download images for free within your active subscription/package.

Step-by-Step Guide for your first Download:

  1. Pick a image you like to download. Click on it and you land on the image detail page

  2. Pick the resolution you want (we recommend to keep it on the high resolution) and press the big red download button. Keep in mind that every different resolution cost you one download

  3. Find the download folder on your harddrive and open the image. If you can't find the image on your computer check your browser settings where your browser stores the download files to (help for Chrome and Firefox)

  4. Use the image in your designs and resize (down) if necessary with free tools in your computer

Download a Preview Comp Image and how to use it

You can also check the image in your design before you download the full version. This can be done with the "comp image". Keep in mind that comp images can NOT be used for final designs and must be replaced with the real image. Comp images do not cost a download. You can recognize them easy because they have stripes and the image ID on the bottom of the image.

Re-Download Images for free

Within your active subscription, all images can be re-downloaded for free. Simply click on your Name in the top right corner -> Review Downloads (or click here). All images with the "re-download image" below it can be re-downloaded for free.

Watch the full help video below!

I have recorded a full help video where I explain in detail how to download your first image, how to download a comp image and how to re-download for free. I also explain a bit about the EPS files and how to use them.

Let us know in the live chat if you have anymore questions.

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