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Additional Charge on my Credit Card
Additional Charge on my Credit Card

Why do I have a international charge on my credit card

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In very rare occasion some of our customers see a very small additional international charge on their credit card payment. This is only the case on very few credit cards and only for a small amount like $0.79 or even less. 

Please be aware that we did not charge you this fee, nor did we receive it. This fee is charged by your own credit card company. We do not know why this fee is charged and it is very rare that it is charged at all. Unfortunately we can not do anything about it, because we have note received this fee nor do we see it on our account. We think this is due the fact that we are based in UK/London.

We recommend to call your credit card company to get a receipt or invoice for this fee. Unfortunately we can not provide you such an invoice or statement.

Please contact us if you have anymore questions.

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