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What should I add as attribution or copyright?
What should I add as attribution or copyright?

I want to put a attribution or a copyright caption below your images on my website, what do I need to put there?

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You want to put a copyright caption below the image you are using from us? Here is what to put and where according to our licensing terms.
​5. Use the images in published editorial features in any media (including newspapers, books and periodicals) provided that a reasonably prominent statement is included on the same page as the Content as follows: β€˜Image(s) licensed by Ingram Image’

So if you use our images in a editorial surrounding like blog or website or book, please put "Image(s) licensed by Ingram Image" on the page there. Feel free to add Stock Photo Secrets or to specify the exact source.

I hope this helps to set the correct attribution and copyright!

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