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What's the difference between Extended License and 'Print on Demand'?
What's the difference between Extended License and 'Print on Demand'?

What should I get when I want to open a online-shop for prints like Tshirts?

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For print shops we offer two very different licenses, a simple extended license and a API connected  'Print on Demand' license. Let's see how to decide which one you need when you i.e. build a new online-shop to sell Thshirt printed with our images on them.

Items for resale:

If you plan to print onto products to sell (where the image is fundamental) you will need the Extended License. However, if you are giving merchandise away for free (e.g. promotional items at a trade show) then the Standard License covers this use, so long as no more than 300,000 are produced. This differs from ‘print on demand’ because younot your client - select the image to be used on merchandise and pay for it up front. 

If you want your clients to search, preview and select images from your platform (webshop or website) then you can integrate our API. With the API you only pay when an image is used by the end user. The API is free to install and pricing ranges from $1-$15 per download depending on size and usage. Click here to find out more about this special agreement and please contact us if you need more help below.

NOTE: Amazon Merch is not possible with our print-on-demand license nor with the extended license because it would require, that you own the rights to the graphic. Because in Amazon Merch you only sell a "usage license" to Amazon.

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