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Downloaded EPS Vector File seems to be too small, pixelated and/or corrupt
Downloaded EPS Vector File seems to be too small, pixelated and/or corrupt

How to fix the issue and what software you should use to open it

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You have downloaded an EPS Vector file from us but when you open it in your software you only see it pixelated or very small.

Is the file really currupt, defect or broken? No it is not. The main issue why you will see a small pixelated version is, because almost all new software is using a different import "software" to view and edit EPS vector files. Also make sure that you have the .eps file downloaded and not the JPG version (check this help article please).

Please use Adobe Illustrator Software, which is opening the EPS file correct as you can see on the examples below.

Following software might cause problems when opening very few of our EPS files:

  • CorelDRAW X8 (and newer)

  • Apple Preview

  • Inkscape

  • Affinity Designer

  • Autodesk Graphic

  • Adobe Photoshop

Example of the Problem

Example - this file here is opened in the Apple Preview App and looks pixelated. Is it broken? No - let me show how it will look in Adobe Illustrator.

This is the pixelated detail of this file:

Opening the file in Adobe Illustrator shows that the file is perfectly fine, high-resolution and editable as well.

Here is a detail of the EPS vector file in details

How to fix this problem?

This problem is caused by the software mentioned above which might not import all data of the EPS file correctly. Especially Corel DRAW and some other software is using importer software to view and open the EPS file which are not fully compatible with some EPS files in our database. This is the cause because the EPS format is very old and has many different versions (internally) and therefore Adobe Illustrator will be the only one opening this file 100% correct.


  1. Open the file in Adobe Illustrator or ask a friend to do it for you and export it again

  2. You want to use another file - contact us via the live chat and we remove the file from your downloads and credit the download back. You can then download a different file for free

  3. Try some other software which might import the file correctly

This issue only appears on very few of our millions of vector files. We are sorry that some software do not open them correctly. Unfortunately we can not control how that software opens EPS files and thats why we highly recommend to use Adobe Illustrator instead.

Let us know if you need anymore help.

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