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How can I download a smaller resolution photo?
How can I download a smaller resolution photo?

I can not use your high-res XXL photo resolution, how do I get a smaller image size?

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You have downloaded one of our stock photos but they are to big in filesize or resolution? You want to use our images right away in your website, blog or Facebook but you can't upload them because they are too big? 

Follow these steps to prevent any image size, file size or DPI problems:

How to download a smaller resolution photo?

Most of our stock photos come in three sizes: 'Super-High', 'Medium' and 'Low' resolution in pixels. These resolutions vary from photo to photo. 

  1. Find a photo you want to download

  2. Do NOT use the download feature in the search results (the little down arrow). Click on the image itself instead to open the image detail page.

  3. Pick the image size you need or want and download it. Keep in mind that every image downloads (also of different sizes) count as one download.

Here you can see where you can pick different resolutions to download from:

Do NOT download the image from the search results itself, you will always get the highest resolution possible:

Alternative Solution when you have already downloaded high-res photos

If you have already downloaded a 'Super High' resolution photo and you can not use it with your i.e. Website or Blog. Follow this steps.

  1. Find out how to resize photos with your integrated Windows or Mac Software. Use Google to find a solution for your operating system. Usually this is very very simple

  2. You keep the large photo size if you want to print it later. 

  3. If you lost the photo and you can not find it on your computer, just re-download without any additional costs using our 'Review Downloads' function. Click here to open it (you must be logged in). Follow Step 1 to resize the re-downloaded photo

Let me know if this helps, if not just reply below.

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