What is a vector file?

What is this EPS format and what is a vector file?

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Vector files are made up of mathematical formulas instead of pixels, meaning they are independent of resolution. This independence results in the file being able to be scaled to any size leaving crisp sharp edges.

Vector files are constructed/consists of shapes, curves and shapes, with many editable attributes such as colour, fill and even elements within the vector. With the added benefit of small file size, vectors are the ideal file for all your graphic design needs.

Notes for clients

In order for you, as clients, to maximise the use of the vector files that you have just purchased we have come up with some guidelines and advice on how best to use vectors.

• For EPS files to work correctly, vector compatible software is required. For the best results, we recommend editing EPS files in Adobe Illustrator where possible.

• EPS files are not the natural format for some editing software available (e.g. Coreldraw) as artists use colours, meshes and gradients that are not always available in other software

• We cannot guarantee that the vector file will work properly in other software. If you are unable to open a file that you have downloaded get in contact with us and we will try to assist you as much as possible

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