If you are not sure if our standard license covers your usage - go and view our Standard and Extended License: Quick Comparison Table to see the difference between the two licenses.

There you can find a summary of how you can use our images in your creative projects. For full details see the agreements below.

... if you’re still not sure you can always contact us below on the chat.

If you still not sure if you need a Extended License, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will I print or produce a product I resell with these images?
  • Will I include the images in a product such as a template and sell it to several clients?
  • Will I use the images as the main part of a App, Game or anything I earn money with or I sell?
  • Will I print it more than 300,000 times or will my ebook will have more than 300,000 downloads?

RESULTS: For all the usages mentioned above you would need to purchase a additional extended license per image used.

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