We now have a special new feature so that when you download an EPS vector image, you will also get a rasterized JPG file in addition.  The trouble is, you might have only gotten a JPG, due to a simple browser alert setting that you might have overlooked. 

When you first download a vector from our website, you need to allow a certain popup.  Above is what it looks like on the Chrome browser.  Please make sure to "Allow" the little popup in Chrome or your browser to let you download two files instead of one.  It should appear somewhere at the top of your browser, along the left or right hand side of your URL bar.  Once you enable this popup, it will save the permission setting in your browser for good, and you will get a JPG and EPS together every time you download a vector image.  

  • This is a new convenient feature designed to save our members valuable time!
  • We can disable for your account manually upon request, if you only would like EPS and have no interest in JPG; just contact us in the live chat.
  • If you miss the download of either files, please don't worry!  You can just go to your re-download section and grab it again for FREE, without losing additional download credits!  It is found along the right side panel, in your account area.

If you still have Problems getting this to work with your Chrome Browser:

1.) You can just go to your re-download section and grab any EPS File and click on re-download (it's free!).

2. ) Check your Chrome Browser Bars right area - you will see a small arrow with a red X sign - click on it! This means your browser has blocked the double download.

3.) When clicking on the arrow you will get a popup - make sure to enable
 "Always allow
https://shop.stockphotosecrets.com to download multiple files" 

Now click DONE and you are good to go!

Let us know if this helped!

Amos explains the new JPG / EPS dual file feature in the following video and in further detail on this help page.

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